The main building of our holiday center provides every guest with accomadation as well as service on his own demand.
For those reasons we have not only a sizeble dining room and separès, but furthermore at least 28 nice soft beds. For the kids we can even think of more possibilities.
Standard rooms variy from twins till five persons.
Beside the main building there is room in a histrorical finnish wooden house close to the main building for 12 guests.
In the surrounding lovely garden it is easy to spend a beautiful finnish sommer night - or even an Incentive Tour Event . Or what about a Wedding Party in Far-Away-Finland? At the former cowhouse of Henkireika their is space enough for 170 dancers.
We are willing and able to offer you a tailor made stay at our facilities including servinge beverage and meal. But if one wishes, he can bring his own cook along and only rent the place. We are even spcialized in many kind of outdoor activeties. Our staff is at Your Service all year round. Do not hesitate to get into touch with us.

talvinen tie joulupöytä sambaryhmä
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