For the time being Henkireika is able to offer accomadation in four different cottages devided into two different comfort levels.
Two of these cottages are located close to the main building of the holiday center, and both of them at lake side. Those can be classified with the standard of 3 - 4 stars. They are available all year round.
In a distance of only about 2 kilometers from the main building one can find two more Henkireika cottages situated nearby a lake.
Those wooden houses were completed in 2001/2002 in accordance to very old finnish craftmanship. The bigger one has 160 squaremeters providing accomadation for up to 10 guests, the smaller alternative has 110 squarmeters for 6 guests. The comfort of the cottages is comparable to a five stars standard. The above offered alternatives are available all year round.

Accommadation in Cottages Accommadation in Cottages Accommadation in Cottages
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